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Carpet Clean Mills Technique offers exceptional Tile and Grout Cleaning services. Our technicians are experienced in emergency cleaning, deep cleaning, spot cleaning, and maintenance upkeep of your tile and stone floors. Whether you wish to clean your tile floors before a party, or have a post-event cleaning, we can clean your floors until they shine like new.


Tile and stone floors are naturally porous so they easily absorb moisture and dirt, often creating breeding grounds for micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. In addition to harboring germs, tile and grout can also be discolored by the food and drinks that fall on the floor. Carpet Clean Mills Technique can alleviate coffee stains, spaghetti sauce, wine spills, and other problematic stains. Carpet Clean Mills Technique includes effective cleaning agents to give you the best Tile and Grout Cleaning services in the area. We have had 30 years of experience so we have seen and tackled almost all types of stains and dirt.

With toothbrush in hand, you too can wash dirty tile and stone floors, but this is backbreaking work and there’s no guarantee that your efforts will give you the deep clean you truly want. Carpet Clean Mills Technique uses equipment and detergents that are suitable and effective on your tile floors. 


Your house is your home, but it is also an investment and represents a fair sum of money. We recommended that you maintain your property so it doesn’t fall into disrepair. This includes your tile and stone floors. Don’t let your floors get so dirty that they are impossible to clean – call us for a one-time deep-clean or a scheduled cleaning plan so you preserve your home’s appearance and its market value.

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