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Commercial carpet will look newer longer with a planned program that consistently removes soil before the carpet looks soiled. Concentrate your carpet cleaning care and maintenance efforts in traffic and stain areas for a high appearance level that will last for years. Call us for Carpet Cleaning services.

Locate and highlight the three key soiling areas on a floorplan of your facility. The highlighted areas should be thoroughly vacuumed every day. Control most soil with walk-off barriers. Use walk-off barriers to collect soil at all track-off areas.


Aggressively vacuum track-off areas daily, even if the soil is not visible. A proper vacuuming program is one of the most important factors in a maintenance plan as well as the most essential of all cleaning procedures. Heavy traffic areas must be aggressively vacuumed even if soiling is not apparent.

Use a good commercial vacuum with beater bars and brushes. Height adjustment is critical. Adjust the vacuum head downward until the sound is muffled, indicating that the head is flat against the carpet. This setting should allow the beater bars and brushes to get at the pile, dislodging the soil so that it may be lifted from the carpet.


A good commercial pile lifter should be used periodically to restore crushed pile and to remove any embedded soil which vacuuming has not removed. The pile lifter is basically a large, very aggressive vacuuming machine, and it is an important aspect of general maintenance.


Spot and stain removal.  Most spots can be removed using our Carpet Clean Mills Technique cleaning solution.


Periodic cleaning is required to remove embedded soil.  All carpets will eventually build up a layer of dirt which is oily and sticky; resistant to vacuuming.  To optimize the carpets appearance and extend its life, most key traffic areas should be cleaned every 60 to 90 days.

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